NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – On Friday, News 2 spoke with one of the three families who lost their Antioch home to a fire.

Firefighters were up against flames and intense wind when a fire spread across three homes Thursday afternoon.   

“[It’s] your worst nightmare. Everything you owned or everything you thought you held at some type of value is gone; there is no replacing that,” Marcus McClure said.  

McClure told News 2 he’s owned one of the homes for more than a decade. It was a fixer upper for his mother-in-law.   

“It’s Grandma’s house,” McClure said, adding all the holidays were spent at the grandmother’s house.

“She does all the cooking. Oh yeah, household of people, standing room only all the time, and it’s just what we do,” McClure said.  

Thankfully, Grandma was not home on Thursday, but McClure’s family rushed over as soon as they heard the news.   

The Nashville Fire Department said the fire started at a home in the back before it quickly spread next door to a duplex.

“The wind did a number,” McClure said. 

However, McClure said he’s taking the tragedy and using it as a teaching moment.  

“There is a silver lining everywhere,” McClure said. 

While Thanksgiving won’t be spent at the grandmother’s home this year, McClure is focusing on what’s most important. 

“Family is what is important. Things are going to change around you regardless. As long as you stay close, give the kids hug, give the grown ups hugs, everything will be alright,” McClure said. 

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Everyone was able to get out of the home safely and no injuries were reported.  

The Red Cross is now working with the three displaced families, while the fire is still under investigation.