NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — This week, 20-year-old Chanya Sherrill died from her injuries after she was found shot inside a car that had crashed into a bank in March.

The case drew concerns over dating apps after 20-year-old Isaiah Kamaree Burr allegedly used dating app profiles to contact women as part of a robbery scheme.

Sherrill had crashed into the Bank of America in her 2014 Chevrolet Cruz and was found lying on the ground outside of the driver’s seat.

“I called her and I asked her if she was still going to meet me to listen to music,” remembered Annette Sherrill.

That night, Chayna had planned to go over to see her mother, when Annette received a phone call that there was a video circulating on Facebook showing a woman lying on the ground. The car in the video looked similar to Chanya’s.

Annette remembered going from hospital to hospital searching for Chanya until she finally found her at Skyline.

“It doesn’t feel good, it’s hard to smile sometimes, it hurts really bad,” said Annette.

For nearly two weeks, Chanya fought for her life inside the hospital.

“A lot of people really were thinking she was going to make it, because the doctor had given her less than 24 hours to live, and so she fought as long as she could,” explained Annette. “When he asks about his mom, I can’t give him his mom and that bothers me.”

As she held back tears, Annette explained Chanya leaves behind her 3-year-old son, Bishop.

Soon after the shooting, Hopkinsville Police Department arrested 20-year-old Isaiah Kamaree Burr, who had used an alias on a dating app to meet Chanya. Now in custody after a tip to Crimestoppers, Burr was found in Kentucky and is being held there on outstanding warrants. Still, Annette said she finds little comfort.

“Comfort? No. Just to know that he won’t get the opportunity to do it again it’s a bit settling,” Annette said, but she still has many questions about what happened. “Absolutely, but I don’t know if I will get any answers.”

Annette explained she likes to think about the happy things about her daughter, including how much she enjoyed singing and could light up a room.

“It will give you chills, it will make you think like wow, out of that little bitty body is coming that huge strong captivating sound, it’s telling a story and she didn’t even know it,” said Annette. “For him to just know that his mom was not a bad person. She was doing really well, before her life had ended she would work really, really hard.”

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The family has set up a link for people to leave kind messages and donate towards her funeral. You can find that HERE.