NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Nashville woman is warning others after she says her two cousins were robbed at gunpoint over the holiday weekend, in broad daylight.

“I’m scared, to even open up the blinds to the porch. I’m scared to walk my dog. I’m scared to do everything,” explained the anonymous woman. She asked News 2 not to share her identity because she is worried about retaliation from whoever robbed her cousins and a friend.

It was a normal afternoon on Saturday. The woman told News 2, the family had just finished opening gifts and were all hanging out afterward when things took a turn.

She said that was when someone came up, “behind my cousins back, and held the gun to his back. They took his gold chain, they took his phone, they took his wallet.”

According to her, this all happened at the Horizon Park Apartment complex on Packard Drive. The apartment building has been home for her since she was nine years old but says after her cousins were held at gunpoint and asked to empty their pockets, she believes it’s time for a change of location.

“We’ve already packed the boxes,” she said. “I would have never imagined that that would happen to any of my family members being so close.”

After calling the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department to file a complaint, the family says they quickly packed clothes and headed to stay with family members in Arkansas, all in order to feel safe for the next couple of days.

However, she already has a plan of action for when they return home, to protect herself.

“I take off my apple watch, I try to hide my phone inside my pants, so it doesn’t seem like I have my phone on me,” she said, explaining the steps she plans to take.

She then told News 2, what makes this crime so concerning is that this isn’t the first time a crime has happened at the complex. In September 2020, police were called to the Horizon Park Apartments after a man, Orlyn Jovany Matta Martinez, 44, ran and told his mother two men were trying to steal his car. Moments later he was shot and killed.

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Calling the area a “hot spot,” she is hoping to warn others about the potential crime that could happen in that area.