NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – If there is one thing you should know about Quinton Mason, you should ask his parents, News 2 did.

“The thing about Quintin, he always had a plan,” said Katherine Morrison, Mason’s mother.

However, Mason’s family could never plan for what happened next.

“We never expected this one, and the way it happened. It just wasn’t, wasn’t expected,” said Kelvin Hughes.

Hughes talked about how he was at the movies when he heard about his son. As he listened to the cries over the phone, he knew the unbelievable had happened.

“He had been stabbed and went into cardiac arrest, and they tried to do CPR to try and revive him and everything at the scene,” said Hughes.

“I was just in so much… I was just there basically,” said Morrison.

Morrison remembered getting a phone call from the hospital. After she rushed to get there, it was the second call she wasn’t prepared for. Doctors had told her, her son was gone.

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Metro police were called to 4th Avenue and Church Street, where Mason was found with stab wounds to his chest. Ruby Dozier, 42, was arrested in the case.

While normally, one would think Mason’s story ended there, for his family, it opened memories they will never forget.

“He never complained, he never complained about anything. He just always had a positive outlook, he always knew I’m going to make my music,” said Morrison.

Mason always had dreams of moving to California and playing music with some of his favorite artists. Morrison admits, while she sings, his musical talent comes from his dad.

Mason, was by all accounts loved, and surrounded by family constantly.

“I said Quintin, your personality is going to hold you down, you’re going to keep on thriving. Nothing’s going to stop you, that spirit that you have, is getting you through some of the worse times in your life,” Morrison said.

It was not always an easy life, for Mason. However, his family says the bright light he brought into this world, is why his death hits so hard.

“Which is what bothers me more than anything. Why would someone do something to somebody that was so […] he was just so quiet, wasn’t aggressive,” explained Hughes.

According to Metro police, Dozier initially told investigators that she stabbed Mason with a pocket knife after he took her phone at a bus stop. However, Mason’s family believes her story doesn’t add up.

“Why just why? It was so senseless. He was so beautiful. He was, he was,” cried Hughes.

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The family has set up a GoFundMe account to help with the funeral. If you would like to donate, click here.