NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A Nashville man is urging lawmakers and those in the justice system to put tighter restrictions on repeat DUI offenders. His feelings come after his father was hit and killed over the weekend by someone with two prior convictions.

“This was his third time. I feel like, after the second time, we probably shouldn’t have seen him. He shouldn’t have been able to be out for that accident to even happen,” said Samuel Dismuke Jr.

It’s those types of questions and thoughts that keep running through Dismuke’s mind after his father was was hit and killed near Lickton Pike, on I-24 West, Saturday morning.

“It was my father this time, but it very well could be next time, you injure somebody from your own family, you never know,” explained Dismuke Jr.

The longtime musician had been traveling from Clarksville, on his way home, after playing with his band. The 66-year old’s son said normally the two would call each other after a gig, however that morning, Dismuke Jr. thought his father had already arrived home safely. Now, he thinks back fondly on the man who always inspired him to be a musician.

“By the time he got to like the 9th grade he was playing bass also, so he…. most of his life, probably all of his life, since the day he came out he was into music,” said Dismuke Jr., thinking back on his father. “It was heartbreaking, devastating, just hard news to get.”

Metro police charged Kelvin Mejia Romero, 32, with aggravated vehicular homicide after he allegedly was traveling east in the westbound lanes of I-24, in his 2015 Nissan Rogue. Mejia-Romero collided with a 2001 Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck driven by Dismuke Sr.

Dismuke Sr. died at the scene.

“He had two convictions but that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the only two times he has done it, that’s just the only two times that he got caught, that’s how I look at it,” said Dismuke Jr.

He is now urging for tighter restrictions on offenders with prior DUI’s, in hopes it will discourage them from getting back on the road, which could potentially lead to drivers being in harm’s way. Meija-Romero has two prior DUI convictions.

“When you do that, to me it’s selfish because you not taking into consideration anybody else on the road, basically just trying to get to that destination safely,” said Dismuke Jr.

Mejia-Romero admitted that he had eight or nine beers before the crash. A blood sample from him will be analyzed for alcohol content.

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The Dismuke family is working on setting up a fundraiser to help local musicians.