NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Kanden Dawkins was just looking to get a quick workout in.

“I thought it was going to be a normal day going to the gym, getting my workout started before work,” she said.

But that’s not what happened to her on Thursday, Jan. 12.

“Finished my workout, come back [and] my backpack is gone,” said Dawkins.

And it only got worse from there.

“I went to the front desk,” said Dawkins. “I told them someone stole my bag, I’m going to make sure my car isn’t stolen, and low and behold it was stolen.”

Dawkins said it all happened just before noon at Planet Fitness off Nolensville Pike.

“I got that deep gut feeling, and I was like, oh snap, this is a situation,” she said.

Dawkins admitted she didn’t lock her things up once she got inside but says she and the staff have a good idea of who stole her car.

“Apparently she’s caused issues there before which I’m a little kind of shocked because if she’s caused issues before why has she not been banned,” she said.

Dawkins did call the police who came out to investigate. The gym has cameras, but Dawkins learned the outside ones don’t work.

“They weren’t able to get the video footage that day because a storm came through and knocked out the Wi-Fi, so I’m like, ‘wow, this is just a perfect storm, literally and figuratively,'” she said.

While Dawkins waited for the police to find her car, she hoped her simple mistake can be a lesson for someone else.

“I learned a lot from this and if other people can also learn from this. Get a locker, protect your valuables ’cause I thought it wouldn’t happen to me and here I am,” she said.

Dawkins’ car is a dark gray 2017 Toyota Corolla SE with the license plate number BMH-1130.

She said the alleged thief busted out her driver’s side window.

Dawkins posted her story online and was told someone spotted her car a few days ago near Lee Victory Parkway in Smyrna.

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If you’ve seen this car, you are asked to contact Metro police at 615-862-7612.

News 2 reached out to Planet Fitness for a response and received the following statement:

“We are aware of the incident that took place at the Nolensville Pike Planet Fitness and are fully cooperating with the appropriate authorities in their investigation of this situation. Our policy states that lockers are available to all members at their own risk, and locks are always recommended. For additional information, we kindly refer you to the appropriate authorities.”