NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Trial resumed Saturday for the murder of Caitlyn Kaufman, the 26-year-old nurse who was shot and killed on I-440 while driving to work at Ascension Saint Thomas West in December 2020. 

The jury heard revealing testimony from 23-year-old Devaunte Hill, who decided to take the stand and didn’t try to hide the fact that he pulled the trigger.  

“I just reacted. I wasn’t thinking about anything,” Hill said.  

Hill said he and his cousin, 30-year-old James Cowan, were driving to pick up Cowan’s girlfriend from work, when a car cut them off. Hill reportedly reacted after Cowan quickly hit his brakes. 

“I did not know I hit her car six times at that moment,” Hill told the prosecution. 

According to Hill, he had done cocaine and popped a Xanax before getting in the car and rage took over.

After the fact, Hill said he went home and searched “Nashville shootings.” He wouldn’t know the impact of his actions until hours later, he claimed. 

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“I was actually in the car with someone and they had seen liked a social media post, a news clip of a nurse being killed. So when I seen that, I quit talking to the people I was with and I just left and went in the house and the panic came back and I was searching again,” Hill said. 

Hill admitted that he ended up trading the gun with a friend, as well as lying to the police in order to protect his cousin.  

“Maybe he was driving, but he didn’t do anything wrong. I did all the crime myself, he didn’t tell me to do it, he didn’t help me do it, I done this on my own,” Hill said. 

Saturday wrapped up with testimony from Dr. Eric Warren, formerly with the TBI Firearm and Toolmark Identification Unit. Warren said the shooting was consistent with someone who fired a weapon with their hand out of a moving car window. 

The trial will resume Monday, Jan. 30 at 9 a.m.