NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — It’s a story that is heard all too often in Nashville — a family once again mourning the loss of a child and once again calling for an end to gun violence in the city.

A 15-year-old and his mother were implicated in the crime, both turned themselves in to the police. Now, the victims loved ones continue to grieve.

The family of 17-year-old Dominique Pirtle was scared to show their face and share their name out of fear of retaliation. Although their face couldn’t be seen, their pain was clear.

“It wasn’t supposed to go like that. He would have been a member he would have been a friend, he would have been a brother to the community, that would have helped,” said one family member, as she held back her anger.

The Pirtle family likes to think about what would have been if it weren’t for the shooting that took place at the intersection of Elizabeth Jordan Street and Indiana Avenue in West Nashville.

“He was very warm, passionate, loving, he was very dependable, he was very trustworthy, he was very driven, he was very […] a hero! Nick was somebody,” said a loved one. “I just have no words, no nothing [..] I just have no words.”

According to Metro police, Pirtle and Lavell Newsome arrived at the intersection in the same vehicle. Pirtle walked over to a car in the roadway to assist friends with changing a flat tire. Surveillance footage showed Newsome shoot Pirtle multiple times, according to police. Pirtle died at the hospital.

“I was shocked, I was in pain, it was unrealistic it was unbelievable because of the child that he is, the person that he is. Who would want to harm him,” remembered a family member, as she thought back to that very day. She told News 2 that the alarming news came straight to her doorstep in the form of two boys that were at the scene.

“They came and knocked on my door,” she remembered. “Nick just got shot.”

Now Pirtle’s family wants to see change and is taking a stand against gun violence.

“As far as gun violence and that being the quickest tool for you to pick up…I don’t understand,” family members agreed. “There’s not a parent, guardian, or loved one who doesn’t know their children have guns or have access to them […] your failure to put restrictions on your child could likely cause the death of my loved one.”

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After the shooting, Newsome ran to an Indiana Avenue residence where he changed clothes, according to police. He is then believed to have called his mother, who allegedly drove Newsome away from the area. Newsome’s mother, 40-year-old Sharon, was arrested for being an accessory after the fact.