NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Residents of Old Hickory spent the weekend cleaning up their homes and yards after Saturday’s intense storms.

The Griffin family of five rushed to their basement when they heard the tornado sirens wailing on Jones Circle. Mom, Tamara Griffin, described what happened next to News 2.

“We heard everything rake off the porch. Heard the tree go down. But I had no idea the devastation until it was morning. It was pitch black because the electricity was out so really for all I knew a couple of trees had come down, I had no idea it was this bad,” Griffin said.

When daylight came, the family found several uprooted trees and a massive hole in their backyard. In the front yard, there was a similar scene. High-speed winds split a magnolia tree in half.

Electrician Kevin Rogers was still helping restore power Monday night to some of the Old Hickory homes three days after the storm. He told our News 2 crew he’d been working almost non-stop since Saturday morning.

“Going behind these houses and working at some of them this weekend, it’s been terrifying. Some of these families are very lucky. I’m just thankful that I’m at a job where I can help,” Rogers said.

Griffin said she’s thankful too that none of her family or neighbors were hurt.

“With our electricity being off I didn’t know the other things that happened in Kentucky and obviously that was much worse and could’ve been much worse for us,” Griffin said. “God was definitely protecting us. We feel very blessed to have been safe.”