NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A young medical student described the chilling moments as she was shot multiple times while out on a walk in her Green Hills neighborhood.

Anna King, 26, shared her story Monday in front of one of the three men accused in her attack, as a preliminary hearing was held for 19-year-old Michael Green. 

“I felt someone grab me from behind,” King said. 

That’s when her late-night walk took a terrifying turn.

“I couldn’t move, I tried to get away and I couldn’t,” she said.

King recounted the night of Jan. 30 with bullet fragments still in her body and wearing a brace on her hand, saying she was told to be quiet but instead did the opposite. Home surveillance videos capturing King’s chilling screams were played in court, moving some of her family members to tears as the defendant Michael Green held his head down.

“I remembered I screamed and I said, ‘get off me,'” but instead, King said she was struck multiple times on top of her head. “Somebody hit me on the head three times with something, totally felt hard. It didn’t feel like a hand, it felt like an object.”

Her fight landed the 26-year-old medical student and her attacker on the ground.

“I kind of dropped my weight and we went down a little. I tried to bite them, but they were wearing something thick so my teeth didn’t really do anything I think, and I kind of continued screaming,” she explained. 

That’s when King believes she was shot twice and then shot again two more times.

“After I was let go somebody said, ‘shoot her.'”

Unable to walk, King crawled through a neighbor’s yard for help. 

“I couldn’t see any blood, but I could feel that I was losing blood and I felt like my ring finger on the right hand wasn’t completely attached so I kind of took a couple of steps, collapsed, then crawled to the door of the yard I was in,” she said.

No one answered, so King tried to crawl to another home as the fear of dying set in. 

“I was thinking I was going to die if nobody came to get me. So, I rolled onto my right side I think I was trying to staunch the bleeding a little bit,” King explained.

Emergency responders eventually arrived, applying tourniquets. 

“I had four bullet holes in my leg, so probably shot twice. I had a bullet hole through my upper right arm so probably once there, and my right ring finger had been partially shot,” King explained, saying she was likely shot four times.

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Investigators say surveillance footage and a GPS tracker led them to 19-year-old Michael Green, 22-year-old Desmond Tyler and 23-year-old Jordan Green.

Michael Green’s case was bound over to a grand jury. Tyler also appeared in court Monday but waived his right to a preliminary hearing. The third suspect, Jordan Green, was arrested just last week and is set to appear in court later this week.