NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — There’s strong hope that the Nashville Department of Transportation’s (NDOT) conversion of Houston Street between Martin Street and 4th Avenue South will help improve pedestrian safety.

In December, after leaving a Wedgewood-Houston bar, a car struck three people crossing the street. That driver kept going and was later arrested.

All three of the victims are recovering from their injuries.

“I was unfortunately knocked unconscious in the middle of the street,” Julie Bostian said. “I took a very good blow to the head and had a brain bleed.”

Since the incident, there has been an increased push for the two-way Houston Street to convert into a one-way. On Tuesday, Jan. 17, NDOT made the conversion.

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Several people who live and work in the area were in support of the street change; however, they want to see more safety additions, such as better lighting, stop signs, and a lower speed limit.

“This area is going to keep growing and it’s time to make it a better place for people to walk,” Fred Haspers said. “Cars need to slow down, especially on the weekends, when so many people are at the bars.”

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Other people in the area say pedestrian safety should be an ongoing discussion for Metro Council.