NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Ini mini miny moe. Home buyers now have a little​ say so.

“Interest rates have ticked up,” explains the director for relocation at RE/MAX Advantage Jeff Checko, “It’s been much talked about, but the inventory has also picked up over 100% from last year and that’s great news for buyers because they actually have a choice instead of taking what they get.”

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Last year the conversation Checko had with his clients was, “We need to go right now!”

Today, it’s different.

“At least right now you can say, ‘hey, what time do you get off work?’ Maybe we go Friday, depending on the circumstances,” Checko says.

It’s all thanks to a shift in the market caused by several things. First, there’s more inventory. Currently, more than 5,600 new listings fill the Greater Nashville market making it the second biggest year-over-year increase for a city second only to Phoenix, Arizona, according to the latest RE/MAX National Housing Report.

The reason for the change? You’ve heard people ask the rhetorical question – If I sell my house, where am I going to go?

Checko explains, that the changing tide is forcing their hand.

“People are saying hey, the market is due for a shift and you may not get the same price that you’ll get right now. There’s an urgency to get it out there and still capitalize while you can.”

And that, in turn, gives more choices to everyone.

“They see hey, there are 5 or 10 places I can see myself living,” Checko says, “Well maybe I can put my house on the market because I have a choice.”

That seller’s confidence, in turn, allows buyers to take a deep breath and be more selective. While that’s great intel, buyers still don’t hold all the power The Nashville market remains hot. Homes only sit on the market on average for 22 days.

“Sellers are still doing very very well,” Checko says, “They’ve still seen huge gains, record gains, over the two-plus years. We expect that we’ll get into a single-digit appreciation for this year, but that’s still great.”

The median home sales price for a home in the greater Nashville area is $460,000 which is still up 17% from last year.