NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Next month, Nashville is invited to Bicentennial Park for a “two-day inferno” for something sure to delight spice enthusiasts, culinary daredevils and heat-seekers alike.

The TN Hot Sauce Expo will showcase a diverse lineup of hot sauce companies that promise to bring something hotter than ever Nov. 4 and 5, including those from the U.S and Canada showcasing their finest creations. Multiple artisanal hot sauce companies are coming to Nashville, so attendees will have the opportunity to sample and purchase an extensive range of hot sauces, from mild to absolutely scorching.

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Expo-goers can also go head-to-head in fiery eating challenges that will push their taste buds to the limit on the Stage of DOOM. From the Chicken Wings of Death Challenge to the Slaytanic Burrito, Bobbing for Reaper Peppers to Spicy Pizza of DOOM, only the boldest will emerge victorious in the ultimate test of gastronomic fortitude.

TN Hot Sauce Expo High River Sauces
(Courtesy: High River Sauces)

The event will also host the Guinness Book of World Records Carolina Reaper Challenge, where contestants will face the world’s hottest pepper in a bid to claim their place in history. The challenge will see contestants get 60 seconds to eat the peppers in a bid to break the current record of 122 grams.

To cool down their taste buds, attendees can enjoy an array of specialty cocktails and craft beers designed to complement the fiery flavors.

“We’re thrilled to bring the TN Hot Sauce Expo to Nashville for a year of unforgettable heat and flavor,” said Steve Seabury, Event Organizer and owner of High River Sauces. “This year’s lineup promises a heart pounding excitement, with the Stage of DOOM, the Guinness Book of World Records Carolina Reaper Challenge, and an incredible selection of hot sauces from top-notch companies. Get ready for a weekend of unforgettable spice and sizzle!”

For more details or to buy tickets, visit the website here.