NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The aftermath of a massive winter storm caused nationwide chaos for travelers trying to catch a flight the day after Christmas, especially those booked on Southwest Airlines.

On the day after Christmas, thousands of people were not in a festive mood, but rather frustrated, after Southwest Airlines had hundreds of cancellations to and from BNA, causing headaches across the country.

It’s especially been a nightmare for Shannon Hodge and her high school basketball team who had a direct flight to Florida for a tournament. Their Southwest flight was delayed and eventually canceled out of Nashville.

The airline told them there wasn’t another available flight for days. Thankfully, they found another way to the Sunshine State.

“Our people at home kept them up to date about what’s going on through our Facebook account they were hearing that we were a little bit stranded we finally found a coach out of Southern Illinois and they agreed to come and get us so here we go,” Hodge said. “It’s going to be 10-11 hours, I think. We’ll get there bright and early in the morning.”

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On top of all that, the team says they had to find their bags in a sea of luggage. Luckily, they were able to get ahold of all of their belongings before hopping on the charter bus.

On the other hand, one Middle Tennessean trying to fly home to Nashville is facing the same headache.

Debra Woodward says she spent the holiday with her family in Lubbock, Texas. She was scheduled to fly home Monday only to find out at 6 a.m. her Southwest flight was canceled, and there were no other flights on that airline for days.

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“We did book a flight tomorrow afternoon through American Airlines as of right now it’s on time, but that’s another $400, I got to $200 voucher from Southwest on the other one but I’m still out of another $400 for another flight to try and get back to go to work. It’s insane,” Woodward said.