NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — An encampment has caught the attention of residents in Hermitage. 

In February, metro officials met with residents in Hermitage to explain how they’re tackling concerns. While change may take time, Brittany McCann told News 2, more needs to be done regarding a larger law enforcement presence.

“The heart of the camp is right back here on Andrew Jackson Way,” McCann said.

McCann has taken it upon herself to inform others in the community about those living on the streets.  

“When people are trespassing, why do the police refuse to arrest? What is the police department doing to help with the massive amount of theft at local businesses?’”

Those are questions McCann emailed to Metro police and city officials demanding answers. 

“With them closing other camps, people who choose not to remain housed are coming to this area,” McCann said.  

In January, over 2,100 people were experiencing homelessness. Approximately 590 of those people were unsheltered, according to a point-in-time count conducted in Nashville and Davidson County.   

“That is just one snapshot of one day, one night, a snapshot, a point in time of what homelessness looks like in Nashville,” said April Calvin.

Calvin is the director for the new Office of Homeless Services. Mayor John Cooper announced the new department last week, with a focus on “housing first.”

“Housing is what is needed to right this situation, but it’s not the only thing. We are looking to bring on seven agencies that will help with mental health, recovery efforts,” Calvin said.

However, McCann said, until these people can be housed, she would like more transparency from metro and city officials.

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“We need the leaders of the city who make and enforce the policies to explain it all at once,” she added.

McCann said she would like to have a meeting in the next six weeks.

The public information officer with the Hermitage precinct said police have met with McCann on a couple of occasions.