NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Neighbors in Hermitage captured the takedown of two men suspected in a string of business robberies.

Metro police tracked the men to a home off Dodson Chapel Road after two Mapcos were robbed Sunday night.

Neighbors on Albee Drive told News 2 this is the second time SWAT has responded to their street in less than 48 hours.

“Bam! There it went. There goes a big one there. They went the door,” you could hear in a video posted on Facebook live.

After hours of commands Monday, flash bangs woke neighbors.

“I heard about three; it was loud,” explained Christy Vulen who lives nearby.

The commotion lasted several hours, drawing neighbors for blocks.

“I hear the little girl hollering, ‘Look at them!’ They got the little girl in her hands,” you can hear in the video.

The child was checked by paramedics and Metro police placed four people in custody at the home.

David Saxton, 53, and Dejuan Hamilton, 26, are now facing charges. Metro police said they believe the two are tied to nine business robberies — including seven gas stations and two Wing Stop locations — in the last few weeks.

Hours later, News 2’s Stephanie Langston spoke with a lady at the home. The woman, who was sitting inside the home with the door busted off amongst the wreckage and shattered glass, said she was the owner and that her husband and son were arrested, but that she thinks police have the wrong suspects. 

Less than two blocks away, neighbors on Albee Drive dealt with a similar situation Saturday afternoon as a SWAT team shouted commands and deployed flash bombs.

“What brought us back outside was the loud boom that took their door down; it shook my whole house,” Kristina Jernigan explained. 

Jernigan had just returned from work at around 3 p.m. Saturday to find her street surrounded by Metro police.

“I saw all the guys with the big guns. It looked like something out of a video game for sure,” she said.

However, this was real life with neighbors concerned over the turn of events, hoping all is quiet now.

“The whole ordeal is terrifying because at the end of the day, I live here,” said Jernigan. 

Metro police told News 2 that the two cases are not connected. A woman was arrested for aggravated assault Saturday related to a domestic dispute.