NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A teenager who was shot nearly a dozen times in West Nashville about eight months ago is still recovering. Meanwhile, his mother is searching for those responsible for the shooting.

“They were trying to kill him,” Jada Crumley, who is still trying grasp the reality that her son was shot 11 times, told News 2.

The Metro Nashville Police Department said officers were dispatched to a report of a shooting at an apartment complex in the 5800 block of Maudina Drive just before 12:30 a.m. on March 8.

“He was set up. There’s no other way around it,” Crumley explained. “My son was followed several times and didn’t realize it.”

Crumley believes her 18-year-old son was set up by friends at the complex when the shots were fired from a black SUV into another car with the teen inside.

“First he was leaving to come home, they called him back. He was there for about 10 minutes. He didn’t feel like everything was okay, you know, he told me something felt off,” the mother recalled. “He left to go to his car, and when he did, he said he saw the same black SUV pull up, and next thing you know, that was it. They shot the vehicle up.”

The teen was reportedly shot multiple times in his chest, torso, and legs.

“They just started shooting. He never know he was shot until he went to get out of the car and he fell to the ground,” Crumley described.

While the teenager was lying lifeless, his mother said he was robbed. Thanks to facial ID and Siri, the teen was able to call 911.

Nearly eight months later, the mother told News 2 she is feeling frustrated because there’s been little movement in the case.

“It was at night, but it’s all on camera,” she said, adding that there were also witnesses.

The traumatic event changed both Crumley’s life and her son’s life forever.

“He still has 10 bullets in him. One has been removed from his knee, his knee was blown out. He is walking, he’s doing phenomenal. He does have a bullet lodged through his heart so we’ll see a cardiologist for the rest of his life,” Crumley explained as she began to cry. 

While Crumley is grateful her teenage son is still alive, their family needs closure.

“I’m pleading for justice. I want to see somebody arrested for this. Who’s to say it’s not going to happen tomorrow by the same people and somebody else’s family is not as fortunate as I am,” she said. “Eleven shots — my son’s a miracle. He is literally a walking miracle. God was with him, most definitely.”

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Metro police told News 2 they’re still actively working the case, but the motive remains unknown. Anyone with information about the March shooting asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 615-742-7463.