NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Homicides in Metro Nashville are up nearly 9% in just a year. In 2022, Nashville has already surpassed 100 homicides, and one man’s death outside his apartment in East Nashville is bringing a face to the increasing numbers.

Over the weekend, a string of crimes turned deadly, starting on Friday, after 38-year-old Arthur Henderson was shot and killed.

“It’s been really hard, it’s been really hard,” said Kenosha Henderson, Arthur’s wife.

Kenosha sat down with News 2 just days after her husband’s death, as she remembered that Friday afternoon outside of Arthur’s apartment on Dellway Villa Road.

“When I got here, people started running up to me saying, your husband’s been shot,” said Kenosha. “I guess they were trying to resuscitate him in the ambulance, but the thing is, when I looked at him, he looked lifeless.”

Metro police say surveillance video showed Arthur getting into an argument with another man, just before the shooting happened. The killing shattered a two-year marriage that Kenosha thought would last much longer.

“He was gentle. He’ll give you the shirt off his back, he really will,” remembered Kenosha. She remembered the good times they had, including their love for food.

As she remembered the good times, Kenosha also described her hope with each moment, that her reality might be a dream.

“I keep hoping that this is a dream. I keep saying ‘okay, this is not real, he’s going to walk through the door.’ It’s like, in my mind, I know he’s not coming back, but I keep saying to myself, he’s going to walk through the door, I know it. He’s going to walk through the door,” said Kenosha.

Arthur is now among more than 100 faces and names, that represent homicide victims Metro police have investigated — already more than what the city saw last year. The rate of deaths has caught the attention of Mayor John Cooper who noted in a press conference last week, the increase in officers joining the force.

“Hopefully this time next year, you can look at a fully staffed police department that’s not requiring mandatory overtime, and then with excellent management I’m hoping we can use our greater solve rate, to push that number down,” said Mayor Cooper.

The mayor also shared positive news, as he mentioned the rate at which homicides are being solved. The same was seen in Arthur’s case — within hours, police arrested 38-year-old Tommie Lee Brown II for his death.

“Their solve rate is way up, while the chief has been doing precision policing, you’ve got a solve rate, I think kind of twice what it used to be,” Mayor Cooper said.

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Metro police have an online tool where you can track crime, including homicides, in your area. To look at the latest data, CLICK HERE.