NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A 21-year-old man is recovering in the hospital after he was shot in the chest Saturday night. While the family does not know the motive, they suspect it was an attempted robbery or carjacking.

It was a phone call Nicole Ribera-Ergueta never saw coming.

“I got a call from my mom, and she told me what was happening. She told me he was alive but that he got shot,” remembered Ribera-Ergueta. “Every time I think about how close we were to losing him, it breaks my heart.”

The family told News 2 that 21-year-old Sergio Aguilar was visiting his father near the intersection of Tusculum and Nolensville Pike. While in the parking lot, they say men approached him and pulled out a gun in an attempt to rob him. Aguilar was shot in the chest.

“I’m very angry that this happened. I don’t know why it happened. I don’t know if it was random, I don’t know if it was targeted, but it’s not okay to happen to anyone, especially someone so close to us. I am angry, and I want justice,” said Ribera-Ergueta.

Aguilar is still in the hospital, as Ribera-Ergueta said, “the doctor said he truly is lucky to be alive.”

“Sergio is one of the kindest people, literally you will ever meet. I know everybody says that about everybody but he truly would give the shirt off his back for anyone. So, the fact that this happened, let alone anyone, but him, was very shocking and scary,” said Ribera-Ergueta.

Carjackings are one of many crimes that Metro police routinely link to guns being stolen from cars. The latest data from police showed that within the first 10 days of 2023, 38 guns were stolen from vehicles in Nashville.

“If anyone has any information, we would love to know, so that these people are not just roaming the streets able to hurt somebody again. I mean he almost died and this could happen to anybody and we just really want answers,” Ribera-Ergueta said.

Doctors have told the family Aguilar has a long road to recovery. They have set up a GoFundMe to help with hospital costs.

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According to the family, no one has been arrested. News 2 has reached out to Metro police for more information.