NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Nashville is the potential home of a Major League Baseball team. Music City Baseball is an organization leading the efforts for a team.

For years, they have continued to work on making this dream a reality. The organzation says they are naming the team the “Nashville Stars”, in honor of Negro League baseball teams that played games in Nashville. Developers are focusing the stadium location on Tennessee State University’s campus along the Cumberland River.

Tennessee State University sent News 2 the following statement in regards to the potential stadium on their property.

“With an aggressive timeline, we would need to see some construction in 2024,” Stadium developer Edward Henley said. “We would like to have a deal struck, design and engineering work starting middle to late of next year.”

According to Music City Baseball, they are waiting for the Oakland A’s and Tampa Bay Rays to decide whether or not they will build a new stadium or relocate. This is due to MLB not expanding the league.

Music City Baseball believes Nashville is the right place for an MLB franchise and will continue to work on bringing one here.

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