NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Gerry Turner is out to prove that it’s never too late to find love.

The first episode of “The Golden Bachelor” aired Thursday night on News 2 with a Middle Tennessee connection – contestant Jeanie, 65, from Estill Springs, made it through the first rose ceremony.

While Jeanie brought Middle Tennessee to the Bachelor Mansion, staff members at Blakeford at Green Hills brought the Bachelor Mansion to their residents.

On Friday afternoon, seniors at Blakeford were treated to a watch party to cheer on Gerry, 71, in his quest to find love in his “golden years.”

“We throw different kinds of socials and parties, but this one is different because it’s definitely on theme. So everything was kind of gold. We had golden food and things of that nature,” said Blakeford Well Life Manager Katelyn Morales. “I think it’s good for them to see TV that represents where they are in life as well.”

As News 2 cameras were rolling, the sparkling cider was flowing.

Some residents claimed to be proud members of Bachelor Nation, while others admitted to never having seen a single episode of the franchise.

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Regardless of fandom, all seniors appeared to be enjoying the program, laughing at the various quirks and cheesy, yet admittedly clever, pickup lines uttered by some contestants as they stepped out of the limo to meet Gerry, who not only caught the eyes of the 22 contestants, but the Blakeford residents as well.

“He looked great! He’s 71,” Blakeford resident Georgianna Imbach said as she laughed. “[Who] was my favorite girl? No, I was looking at the guy more than the girls!”

That’s one first impression worthy of a rose!

“The Golden Bachelor” is in its first ever season and airs Thursday nights at 7 p.m. CT on News 2, followed by “Bachelor in Paradise”.