NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Nashville’s growth is no secret, and Green Hills is the latest neighborhood to garner the attention of developers. Nashville Metro Councilmember Russ Pulley has represented District 25 since 2015 but has witnessed a boom of growth since arriving in the 80s.

“We’ve seen it kind of accelerate over the past 10 years or so,” Pulley said. “The projections for the future is it’s gonna keep on coming.”

More developments along the Hillsboro Pike corridor, steps away from The Mall at Green Hills, are in Pulley’s purview as he discusses plans to transform sites.

“We’re standing on one of them,” he explained referencing the slab of concrete at 2025 Richard Jones Road. “They’re putting a mixed-use facility here.”

GBT Realty Corporation will build Eden House, a luxury for-sale condominium building 16-stories high with 111 units and retail space on the ground floor similar to what can be experienced at the Vertis next door. Crews expect to complete the Eden House in 2023.

“There’s a property over on Cleghorn where we currently have the Tokyo steak house, that’s been approved as an assisted living facility,” explained Pulley.

Stoltz Real Estate Partners is eyeing the complex at 4012 Hillsboro Pike and its prime one-acre footprint.
Each project is in different stages of approval and development, but it’s clear the groundwork is set to welcome new residents starting with a brand new transit hub currently under construction in front of Hillsboro High School.

“We want people to take advantage of the transit system and things like this so we don’t add to an already difficult traffic situation,” Pulley said.

As part of his plan, Pulley is re-working current troubled intersections, including near CVS, which will move across the street.

“We will realign Crestmoor through the current CVS building and line it up with Glen Echo and the whole design of that is to get rid of the discombobulated intersection that we have now,” Pulley said.

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It’s a smart strategy that Pulley says is key. “If we develop in responsible ways like that, we can encourage all of this.”