NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — On Thursday morning, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee addressed the Nashville Chamber of Commerce and business leaders on his goals for the area’s economic and job activity.

The chamber said three things are most important to them: livability, creating jobs, and developing workforce. They said developing the region’s workforce is especially urgent as Tennessee experiences massive growth.

The chamber also said even if everyone in the Nashville region was employed, 30,000 jobs would still need to be filled.

Lee recognized this as an “enormous challenge” as well.

He said his goal is to create pathways for skilled workers. His administration is proposing $1 billion to the Tennessee College of Applied Technology, plus increasing pay incentives for teaching positions.

John Gray, the director of business development at MCC Solutions in Nashville, said his company feels the urgency of hiring more employees.

“Right now we need 10 technicians,” said Gray. “Everybody’s having trouble finding good people and good places and it is a struggle, and I’m glad he’s bringing some people in to try and help with that.” 

The governor said the amount of growth and available employment can also be seen as an opportunity for those looking for a job.

“We are in a very envious position and we should take advantage of that and use it to seek out those who are hoping that we find them,” Lee said.