NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Chilling words from a heartbroken father as he addressed his son’s killer in court.

On Thursday, Michael Mosley, the man convicted in a double homicide outside of a popular midtown bar, apologized to the victims’ families during a sentencing hearing.

Mosley is accused of stabbing three Battle Ground Academy graduates outside of the Dogwood bar in 2019, killing Clayton Beathard and Paul Trapeni III, and leaving AJ Bethurum seriously wounded.

Clayton Beathard’s father, Casey, looked Michael in the eyes and cried, “Michael, I talked to your family and I know it. I know the Lord loves you and don’t you forget it.”

Casey said his words are from God, although they go against everything in him as a father and a husband.

“I know your life has been hard here, man, and that stinks, it sucks. I know it. God, just give him a chance, give him a chance please,” he pleaded.

The heartbroken father said he is grateful for what God is doing in this tragedy, that there are no coincidences but rather opportunities.

He shared his families prayer in closing, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if Clay and Michael could become great friends in heaven and that’s our prayer.”

Mosley listened intently before taking the stand and apologizing. He said there are no words that could heal their pain, but hopes his statement helps on their journey in finding peace and closure.

“First and foremost, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry your family, friends lost their lives because of my actions, and I’m sorry for the pain you went through as a result.”

Mosley went on saying he prays they will find peace.

Prosecutors say despite the strength of the victims and the ability for the families to forgive, it should in no way lessen how dangerous Mosley is to the community; he faces a life sentence.

Judge Dalton took her ruling under advisement and will issue a written order with her ruling by the end of next week.