NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The Global Mall at the Crossings in Antioch continues to sit empty after multiple failed plans to transform the space.

“That was the happening place,” said Randy Cordell. “It was the regional mall. It drew people from all over the area.”

Cordell has fond memories of Global Mall in its heyday.

“My family and I had a tea shop inside the Global Mall for just a little while,” he said.

However, from the Lakeshore Christian Church he operates less than a mile away, Cordell watched the mall’s decline.

“Well, other areas started getting their own shopping and their own stores, so people wouldn’t drive to this mall,” said Cordell.

Revitalization plans began over 10 years ago, but there seemed to be a new glimmer of hope by March 2022; the city purchased the land for more than $40 million, with plans in place to lease part of the space to Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

“They all believed that this is something that is going to happen one way or another,” said Cordell.

However, little progress had been made over the last year, until now.

“The community has been saying what they want to see (and) what we need, and so tonight they get to see that fruition,” said Councilwoman Joy Styles.

Styles has fought to push this project forward and said they will finally unveil a master site plan for the mall on Thursday evening, Aug. 24.

“What I can confirm is the performing arts center that we talked about when the announcement was made last year…that is definitively coming,” she said. “The artists’ housing that we talked about, the regional transit center that we also have been discussing (is) also on the site.”

Styles wouldn’t confirm anything on VUMC being part of the project, but remained optimistic.

“There is a need for them there,” she said .”They have employees that live in the Southeast, so having a footprint matters.”

Cordell said he’s helped work on plans for the mall and is excited to see new life coming back to the area.

“I think the timing is great for all these things to start coming together,” he said. “This area is going to be so much better off as these pieces get put in place again that need to be here.”

News 2 did reach out to VUMC to confirm if they are still involved in this project. They referred us to reach out Mayor John Cooper’s office.

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News 2 did reach out to Cooper’s office and Sam Wilcox, the deputy mayor of policy and innovation, responded with the following statement:

“Our focus remains on making sure that our two priorities are met: ensuring that the overall vision for Global Mall has robust community input and benefits, and that we maximize the benefits to taxpayers. As this process has evolved, we’ve expanded the project to create opportunities for additional community uses. We are hopeful that VUMC will continue to participate in the project in a scaled down footprint, but this is about achieving the highest and best use for the Southeast community.”

The Global Mall community meeting will be held at 6 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 24 at the Southeast Community Center, located at 5260 Hickory Hollow Parkway in Antioch.