NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — From country music legends to now-homeowners, you don’t have to look far to find Rosalynn Carter‘s mark on Nashville. 

During a press event Monday, Garth Brooks joked about former President Jimmy Carter calling Trisha Yearwood his second favorite Georgia peach. He also mentioned Yearwood’s admiration for Rosalynn. 

“A light has gone out that kind of shines on how we should treat each other, but if we all pick that light up, maybe that light can grow instead of disappear,” Brooks said.  

One example of that was in 2019, when the Carters personally helped build 21 Habitat for Humanity homes in North Nashville. Brooks and Yearwood worked right alongside them. 

“We got a chance to go down and meet them all and shake their hands,” said Huey Burden, father of Habitat for Humanity homeowner Brittaney Scott. 

Burden had a hands-on role in helping build his daughter’s habitat home. Despite the former president having a black eye from a fall, Burden recalls he and Rosalynn showing up with helping hands.  

Burden said he also has a step niece who received one of the first Habitat for Humanity homes in New York when the Carters started their service work with the organization back in the 1980s.  

“I’m kind of bias because I’m from Georgia,” Burden said. “But they were truly great people, and it was just amazing to see them to be in their 90s and be out here. It was raining a couple of days. It was real hot, so I mean they were committed.” 

Those homes gave a chance to people who said homeownership might not have been possible otherwise. 

‘For him, it seemed like it was a miracle because he never expected someone to be so gracious and give us an opportunity like this,” said Aaron Kaitenda, translating for his father Paul Waunga.

Burden said he still appreciates the Carters helping build not one, but two of his family member’s homes. Above all, he commended Rosalynn for her life dedicated to service.  

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“I think she can teach young women how to be a great woman; I think she can teach them how to be a great mother…and truly she was a great first lady,” Burden said. “I know Jimmy Carter, he’s just like me. We’re going to end this just by saying ‘Go Dawgs.’”

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Nashville shared the following statement:

“The former First Lady Rosalynn Carter touched the hearts of so many with her genuine compassion, tireless spirit and deep faith. She was one of Habitat for Humanity’s greatest supporters. The 2019 Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Work Project (CWP), held in Nashville, was the last CWP the Carters attended. Their work here in Nashville supported 58 local Habitat families.”

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Nashville