NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — New data is out and from office to retail, Middle Tennessee is outperforming the rest of the country. Jason Wood, a graphic design hobbyist, showed News 2 what the Nashville skyline could look like in the future if this boom continues. 

Jason Wood grew up in a small town and he didn’t see many skyscrapers. 

“Going to a big city when I was a kid was just, I was in awe when I saw skyscrapers. I couldn’t believe the size and the scale of these buildings,” said Wood.

At a young age, he developed a love for architecture, engineering and beautiful skylines. 

“That’s the cool thing about skylines. It’s sort of like a city’s signature. Every city has its own unique skyline,” said Wood. “I like seeing it grow more than anything.” 

And Nashville’s skyline certainly is growing. Greater Nashville REALTORS released its first quarter commercial real estate data. Across four sectors – office, retail, multifamily, and industrial – Middle Tennessee is showing stronger numbers than the rest of the U.S. job growth sits at 4.6% with 51,200 jobs created in just one year.

“There’s certainly some cities out there booming. And Nashville is certainly one of the top cities booming right now and changing.” 

Wood wanted to show how that boom could change Nashville’s skyline forever. He points to his computer screen showing where Oracle and Amazon are planning their projects.

A little data digging, a few hours, and computer-generated shapes later, Wood created a 3D rendering of what Nashville’s skyline could look like as it continues its expansion from the downtown core with more than 100 projects at all different phases.

(WKRN video)

“I’ve got four different colors on here,” said Wood, pointing to the multi-colored renderings on his computer screen. “The yellow buildings show dead projects; purple is land getting prepped; red are those under construction; and the aqua color shows proposals.”

“The vast majority of everything is the proposals,” said Wood. “You step out, and see all these proposals, most of it is west and south.”

Wood said the drive through the loop will look very different one day, and he looks forward to updating the skyline as Nashville grows.  “It’s something that I enjoy, so as long as I enjoy doing it, I’ll keep doing it.”