NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A Franklin man is warning others after he says someone threw a rock at his car while driving on the interstate, causing significant damage.

“Right as I started to go under the overpass and this was dropped and landed on my windshield,” said Paul Brown.

The rock was the size of a softball and shattered his car glass during the impact. Brown explained it happened on his drive to Franklin on I-65.

“I thought maybe it was a gunshot and then I could see a rock lodged in the windshield,” said Brown, showing just how much damage the rock caused. “This, and it was just wedged, my son had to pry it out of there.”

Brown told News 2, at the time, he thought it was a gunshot nearby until the rock came crashing down. He remembered seeing someone standing on the overpass but not thinking anything dangerous would happen next.

“Keep the car in my lane, keep the car under control and keep the car in my lane, because if I hadn’t, there was so much traffic, it would have been a multi-car [crash],” Brown said.

Now, Brown is warning others to stay alert on the roadway.

“I’m surprised anyone thinks that’s a good idea. If it had been up and over just a couple of feet I could have been killed. I’m lucky I didn’t have a passenger in my car, because even though the rock didn’t make it all the way in, the passenger seat was completely covered in shattered glass,” explained Brown.

The cracks are still visible in the windshield and glass is still sprinkled throughout the car, but he is taking the whole incident with a grain of salt with a heavy emphasis on the positives.

“I showed this to my uncle and he told me it’s my lucky rock. I’m lucky it didn’t kill me,” said Brown.

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Brown told News 2 that he plans on using his “lucky rock” as a paperweight.