NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Some Florida evacuees have made Nashville home this week, but many of them are left worrying about what they will return home to.

News 2 checked in with a number of employees at hotels up and down I-24 who said most Florida evacuees headed back Thursday morning, but News 2 found several still at campsites off Briley Parkway.

“It just got worse on the news and worse, every time we turned the news on it was worse,” Jeff Soffel explained.

Soffel was watching from hundreds of miles away as the eye of Hurricane Ian went right through Englewood where his cousin Brandon Buoye has a home.

“Literally right over it, yeah. Trees were breaking and stuff flying everywhere. It was just crazy,” Buoye said.

The family of beekeepers stopped their trek home in Nashville, staying at the KOA resort in their RV as the hurricane passed.

“From what we hear, the house is still fine. Still worried about the bees, obviously. Some of the neighbors weren’t quite as lucky. They lost a lot of roofs, a lot of big damage going on down there,” Soffel said.

The family, fourth generation bee keepers, are now concerned about how they’ll make a living.

“We are beekeepers, so we are, of course, worried about the honeybees. They are like our little babies, so we are more worried about them over our house. That’s what pays us our living,” Buoye said.

The family is not alone at the campground as many Florida residents are looking to occupy their minds with some Music City entertainment before packing up and heading back South.

“We are just keeping our fingers crossed, trying to enjoy a little time here in Nashville before we have to go and face the reality of the whole thing,” Soffel said.

Officials with the campgrounds told the family they are now getting calls from residents in the Carolina’s, looking to book stays in Nashville as the storm heads that way.