NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The two men accused in the death of Saint Thomas nurse, Caitlyn Kaufman, were in the courtroom for less than ten seconds when her father attempted to charge at them.

It was an emotional start to the motions hearing. As her father was being escorted out of the courtroom, her mother could be seen bringing a tissue up to her eyes, wiping away tears.

It’s been almost two years since their 26-year-old daughter was gunned down in what Metro police claim was a road rage incident on Interstate 440 in Nashville.

The Intensive Care Unit nurse was on her way to work when she was shot and killed on Dec. 3, 2020.

It was hours before she was discovered in her SUV, which had been shot at at least six times, according to investigators.

Devaunte Hill and James Cowan have been charged with criminal homicide in her death. A woman was arrested and charged with harboring one of the suspects.

News 2 was in the courtroom for the motions hearing for Hill and Cowan.

During the hearing, News 2 heard about a half dozen motions, including the defense seeking data from Kaufman’s car that would show she crashed.

“The defense is making an unusual request to dismiss all of the charges based off of evidence that was never possible to detain,” Assistant District Attorney Jan Norman told the judge.

Public Defender Jason Chaffin responded, “I frankly was not expecting this level of ignorance from the state related to infotainment systems and crash data recorders.”

Witnesses testified Kaufman’s foot was on the brake when she was found inside her running car by a Metro Parks officer in December 2020.

“He came up on the vehicle and he realized it had several bullet holes in the vehicle, and then he saw there was an individual inside slumped over the steering wheel,” lead investigator Sgt. Chris Dickerson said from the stand.

The details moved Kaufman’s mother to tears.

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We also learned new details about the informant that ended up with the weapon used in Kaufman’s murder and his lengthy criminal history. The defense planned to question his character and credibility, saying he’s the only one that’s connected Hill with the gun that killed Kaufman.

Motions will continue to be heard Thursday. Kaufman’s family told News 2 they plan to be there. The court administrator also told News 2 her father will be allowed back inside.