NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – On Sunday, Nashville SC made history as they played their inaugural match at Geodis Park. 

Nashville fans showed up in a big way, with more than 30,100 showing up for the first match at the new soccer stadium. 

Nashville native Tice Feldman said adding soccer further solidifies Nashville as a sports town.  

“It means a lot. I mean we’ve got football and hockey, but now we’ve got a global sport in soccer. And I grew up playing soccer, my daughter played soccer, and this is just fantastic,” Feldman said. 

A 1-1 tie with Philadelphia gave locals and out of towners a reason to celebrate together.  

“I think we put on a great show on and off the field. These are very good sides, top of the Eastern Conference. We’ve typically tied with Philly almost every time (apart) from a penalty shootout in the playoffs. So in the round, an absolutely amazing day. Everybody’s walking away with a smile on their face so that’s the best we could have hoped for,” said Ian Ayre, CEO and Team President of Nashville SC. 

For those who have led the team and watched the stadium built from the ground up, seeing it all come together was priceless. 

“Today was really the culmination of five, five and a half years of really hard work. And when the players came out on the field and it got really loud, I got goosebumps. It’s like, ‘Okay, this is what we did this for,’” Nashville SC Owner John Ingram said.  

The team hopes to very soon become a Nashville legend and tradition.  

“I want to be on people’s calendar. I want people to come and enjoy and let’s build very special and win some trophies,” Ingram said.  

Some hope to see the momentum continue to grow and that one day it might even lead to a World Cup match in Music City.  

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“I think we’ll get so many more Nashville soccer fans, not just from in the city but outside the city. I think it’s going to be wonderful,” Nashville resident Jebadiah Hammrich said. 

Nashville SC will play again next Sunday. For more information on getting to the stadium, click here.