NASHVILLE, Tenn (WKRN) — In a matter of seconds, airports across the country were brought to a halt Wednesday as the Federal Aviation Administration issued a ground stop. According to the FAA, a computer system malfunction grounded all flights.

“If you were going to go on your Google maps, it would tell you there’s a wreck on this area or you can’t go here because this road is closed,” said Tennessee State University Associate Professor Dr. Melissa Riley. “It gives pilots a heads up to that as far as major system issues along our route.”

Several passengers voiced their initial confusion about the stoppage.

“I was like, what, a ground stoppage?” Rebecca Salinridge said. “It made me a little scared to fly and wonder what could have caused such a problem.”

Wednesday morning’s catastrophic FAA computer failure was likely caused by a mistake made during routine maintenance. An engineer “replaced one file with another,” not realizing the mistake was being made, according to ABC News.

Delays and cancellations continued to affect arrivals and departures at BNA. Some passengers went home after their flight was delayed and are waiting for updates on a new departure time.

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Nashville International Airport (BNA) encourages all passengers to check their flight status prior to arriving at the airport. To view flight status, click here.