NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Tuesday marked the busiest travel day of the year with an estimated 48,000 flights across the U.S., according to the FAA. 

The Johnston family from Brooklyn took off early to get to Nashville and avoid the rush. 

“You just get out ahead of everybody and you avoid all the long lines and the packed airplanes,” Sarah Johnston said.

Her daughter, CJ, added that patience this year is key. 

“It’s frustrating for some people, but it’s frustrating for others, too. So you just have to like be patient and make sure you understand that everyone else is feeling what you’re feeling, and people are trying to fix it,” CJ said. 

On top of busy lines, passengers could encounter a new wrench this year as winter weather advisories are in effect in six states. 

“I actually had a couple, I can’t remember their names, but they actually had to have a flight switched. They had a layover of a day,” said Andrew Overby, a BNA passenger from Savannah, Tennessee. 

Weather can have a ripple effect, and can affect flights in and out of BNA. That’s part of the reason why you should check your flight status before heading to the airport and arrive extra early.  

Although airports are crowded, Pamela Pirtle from Chicago said she was just thankful to be able to fly in and see her sister this Thanksgiving. She said we have to remember a time, not too long ago, when that wasn’t an option for many of us.  

“One parent said this was their baby’s first flight, so people were really just getting out for the first time, taking their little ones with them, and so it does help to be patient and just try to understand, and if you have some good air pods or something, use them because you will probably need them right now…lots of families,” Pirtle said. 

The FAA estimates the second busiest Thanksgiving holiday travel day will be Sunday.