NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – It’s a warning Nashvillians are hearing too often, and seems to have no end in sight. Metro police are cracking down on criminals who are targeting vehicles.

On Monday, the Violent Crimes Division arrested a 15-year-old after he carjacked three women in the Edgehill neighborhood over the weekend.

“I was a little frightened and freaked out too because I work late shifts. So, walking home at night alone, it’s definitely scary especially for a girl,” said Olivia Badaglia, an Edgehill resident.

Metro police told News 2 the teen reportedly put a pistol in the driver’s stomach and demanded the keys to her Mercedes. After showing the teen and two accomplices how to start the car, the suspects pistol-whipped her before taking off near Villa Place.

“I was just kind of scared because I know she walks to work down the street a lot, and I just wanted to make sure everyone was safe,” explained Ava Gottschlich, another Edgehill resident who became concerned for her and her roommate’s safety after hearing news about the carjacking.

The 15-year-old was taken into custody on Ed Temple Boulevard after a spike strip was deployed, and the Mercedes was involved in an accident a short distance away. The victim in that crash sustained minor injuries.

“It’s just a reminder to be careful because even if you feel like your safe, you’re not,” said Gottschlich.

It’s not just in the Edgehill community where Metro police are hoping to crack down on car break-ins and burglaries. Early Tuesday morning, residents in a La Vergne community reported two people were breaking into cars, and pulling on door handles.

Neighbors in that area were too frightened to speak on camera, but many told News 2 car break-ins are no stranger to the neighborhood.

“Nashville’s a pretty big city, and it’s not a super scary city, but sometimes it can be,” said Badaglia.

The 15-year-old suspect in the Edgehill incident was taken into custody and will be charged in juvenile court.

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Metro police continue to urge residents to make sure their doors are locked at night and to make sure any and all valuables are taken out of the car, especially when it comes to firearms.