NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — We are only six weeks away from the November 8 Midterm elections.

Across the country, groups are out encouraging people to register to vote as Tuesday is National Voter Registration Day.

Over at Tennessee State University, Nashville nonprofit “The Equity Alliance” was at the university’s student center Tuesday, September 20, making sure everyone had the opportunity to vote.

“We can change policy, we can have our own power, and our own voice,” said Racarol Woodard.

Woodard is the group’s regional organizing director for Middle Tennessee.

She says their group is out on the grounds making sure people especially those of color understand the importance of voting.

“You matter as a person,” said Woodard. “Your kids matter, your community, your tribe, and so when you don’t believe in the power of the vote then it’s like, what did our ancestors fight for? What did they die for?”

The Equity Alliance wasn’t the only group pushing people to vote.

“The Links, Incorporated” was also registering people, as well as hundreds of groups across the country.

National Voter Registration Day has helped over 4.7 million people register to vote since it was first observed back in 2012.

With election day approaching, Woodard says they will continue to be out making sure anyone who can vote is able to.

The Equity Alliance says they also have a faithful voter project where they visit churches and faith-based communities to encourage people to vote.

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TSU’s President Glenda Glover is in Houston from September 19-21 helping to lead a national conversation on voter rights.