NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Elm Hill Pike neighbors joined together with police and members of the Nashville Department of Transportation (NDOT) Saturday afternoon to discuss road concerns and solutions. 

Over the last 15 months, the stretch of road has seen a car on fire, a crash involving a car and a school bus, and a car that crashed into a building.  

Councilman Russ Bradford called a town hall on Saturday, Feb.11 to discuss problem areas and how to make Elm Hill Pike safer. 

“We’ve seen over the last six months, wreck after wreck,” Bradford said.  

Neighbor Bridgette Wills said things have gotten so bad, she no longer feels safe letting her children play in the front yard.  

“I feel like the last couple years, it’s getting worse,” Willis said. “The bus stop is right here in our driveway, so we have kids early in the morning there and then in the afternoon, and people come around the corner here really fast and down the road.” 

During the town hall, NDOT engineer Jon Boghozian said that over the past decade, 14 fatal crashes have taken place on Elm Hill Pike.  

“I know in the past, people have wanted the roads widened. The biggest issue, I think, is the shoulders. The shoulders are just falling apart,” Bradford said.  

In the short term, NDOT agreed to look into crosswalks, radar speed signs, and rumble strips in the center of two-way roads, so drivers know if they start to veer into oncoming traffic. In the long term, NDOT is looking to reduce the number of lanes in some areas, as well as make room for sidewalks. 

“Reducing the lanes will help manage speeds and provide extra space for pedestrians and bicyclists and well as make safer crossing,” the presentation stated. 

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Whatever the path forward entails, neighbors said safeguards are seriously needed sooner rather than later. 

“I’ve just had people try to overtake me, actually overtake me, because they felt I was going too slow,” local resident Bridget Clayton said, describing the road as scary, especially at night.

“What are your concerns if nothing changes?” News 2’s Nikki McGee asked. 

“That the fatalities will get worse,” Clayton replied.