NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – One East Nashville man woke up to the sounds of bullets this week.  

Trevor Silva and his wife were asleep in their bed when gunshots woke them up late Tuesday night. Silva came downstairs to see over 15 bullet holes scattered throughout his East Nashville home.  

“One or two people took cover in our stairwell, and the other one or two were running down this way and firing back, and so we just kind of became the back drop for a shootout,” he said.  

Silva’s lived on South 9th Street for nearly 15 years and has watched his neighborhood slowly begin to change.

“We were the only call to 911, which says a lot about when you have a neighborhood that’s becoming full of AirBNBs and a neighborhood that’s just numb sometimes to gunshots,” he said.

Despite what happened, Silva says he isn’t upset, just grateful.  

“We survived,” he said. “There’s too much good in this world to do, and there’s too much positivity and love to spread to sit here and worry about the causation.” 

He and his wife have no plans to leave the neighborhood they love, but Silva is hoping something good can come from this scary situation.  

“Let’s actually work on doing something to change the narrative and bring much needed love into the world,” he said.

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Silva recently spoke to police, who told him so far they haven’t found the people responsible for the shootout outside his home.