NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Sweet 16 Bakery was an act of love by Dan and Ellen Einstein, who moved to Nashville from Los Angeles.

The bakery served Nashville for 18 years. In January, Dan passed away and his loss is one of the main reasons why Ellen has decided to close the business.

“Thank everybody and the community for everything they have done for us,” Owner Ellen Einstein said.

Lines of customers visit the bakery everyday, with many grabbing one of their signature breakfast sandwiches. Other customers chose to munch on the many desserts they ordered to celebrate weddings, birthdays and other life events. 

“It’s delicious,” Caitlin Christman said. “We bought our wedding cake from them and will always remember this bakery.”

Other customers shared their longtime support of the business.

“It makes me feel sad because it was such a unique place, but I totally understand the situation and I’m happy for Ellen to move on to what’s best for her,” Longtime customer Molly Breen said. “The food they made was with love and you just don’t see that anymore.”

Sweet 16 Bakery officially closes on Oct. 29.