MADISON, Tenn. (WRKN) — A 42-year-old woman woke up in jail after falling asleep in a car with close to 50 grams of drugs inside, according to Metro police.

Officers were patrolling in the area of Kinsey Boulevard and Neely’s Bend Road when they noticed a car that appeared to have stopped.

According to an affidavit, Chasity Poff, 42, was inside and appeared to be unconscious while the vehicle was still in drive.

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Officers successfully woke Poff up and advised her to put the vehicle in park.

When officers opened the driver side door, police said Poff admitted to using crack and heroin before they arrived.

Poff also told officers she had what she described as a crack pipe in her possession.

Officers asked Poff to step out of the vehicle. Police began to perform field sobriety tests, which they say is when Poff showed multiple signs of impairment.

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Poff refused to give a blood sample, so police charged her with implied consent.

While searching Poff’s vehicle, police reportedly found what Poff said was 18 grams of crack cocaine, 31 grams of heroin, 0.2 grams of marijuana and multiple pills that were not prescribed to her.

Officers also found small baggies in what they say are commonly used to sell drugs, according to Metro police.

Poff was taken into custody and charged with multiple felony drug charges.