NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Metro Nashville Police have increased patrol throughout a Donelson neighborhood after several residents took to social media alerting others about a group of people attempting to break into homes.

“It has increased, especially in this area. Back in the day, people used to leave their doors unlocked, cars unlocked, and everything. Now, you got to lock everything up and keep cameras around everywhere just because people try to take whatever they can,” said Bryan Montufar. “This is a very hidden neighborhood back here, and we have the hotels up front, and that kind of doesn’t help.”

A video spreading throughout the neighborhood has been the center of concern. In the video, residents can see two people attempting to break into a home by kicking down the back door. While the pair were not successful, Montufar was shocked to watch it. The home sits right next door to his. According to Montufar, the home is used as an Air BNB.

“We saw two kids just trying to break the back door,” Montufar described.

Just two blocks over, News 2 spoke with another resident who explained crime is no stranger to the area.

“Where the car got broken into was over here, and so I went and put up an extra security camera right here,” pointed Jeffery Hall.

Hall has lived in the area for years and says he has had to beef up security.

“Somebody tried to break in the back window, but see I have three dogs, and you can tell the dogs ripped the blinds apart because they were trying to get at that person, and so since I have three dogs I feel pretty secure,” Hall explained.

Councilman Russ Bradford took to Facebook to address community concerns and urged residents to double-check home and car doors, and insure everything is secure.