NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — For three years, Diskin Cider has provided Nashville with a serving of craft cider and a side of a little fun.

That fun was their monthly drag show brunches.

“Makeup, costumes, lip syncing, dancing, these are a combined art form,” said Chris Sanders.

But Sunday, they said that art form was threatened after Diskin Cider released a statement saying organized extremists had congregated outside of their building, opposing drag.

(Source: Diskin Cider)

“The pattern continues,” said Sanders.

Sanders is the Executive Director of the Tennessee Equality Project who heard about what happened at the cidery Sunday.

“It’s really discouraging because drag is a source of fun and joy for people, and it’s being treated as something sordid and dirty and it’s not,” he said.

His organization fights for the equality of LGBTQ people in Tennessee. Sanders said he’s spoken to performers in the area about this recent incident.

“There are still concerns and fears,” he said. “I mean I think people are worried about protestors showing up and possibly getting violent. I think people are thinking more about security than they ever did before. It’s really a scary time.”

Senator Jack Johnson introduced new bills last month, one of them banning drag performances in public or in front of children.

“I do think it creates an atmosphere that gives more permission for those protestors to go out and attack things that are not worth attacking,” Sanders said. “In fact, they should be celebrated.”

Despite what happened, Diskin Cider said they will continue hosting their drag brunches, something Sanders is glad to hear.

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“The government and certainly not a small group of insurrectionists should be able to tell us how to dress when we perform, where we perform, (and) what we perform,” he said. “That is utterly opposed to the spirit of what America is about.”

Sanders said they are currently hosting events around Tennessee that will focus on fighting these proposed bills in the upcoming legislative session.