NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — From Taylor Swift to Trevor Noah—plus three college graduations and a conference at the Music City Center to name a few—Nashville could see nearly 500,000 people attending various events this weekend.

More people could mean more crime, and Metro police aren’t the only ones preparing.

Criminal defense attorney at Worrick Robinson Law, Bryna Grant, told News 2 she expects an influx of calls from potential clients who will find themselves in trouble with the law this weekend.

“It almost seems like a perfect storm of a weekend,” Grant said. “Unfortunately, trouble can find good people.”

Grant believes certain criminal charges will pop up more than others this weekend, including DUIs, public intoxication, assaults, and drug charges.

“People coming from other areas; just mistakes that can be made when visiting a new city,” Grant said.

The attorney took to Facebook to advise locals and visitors of the potential for more arrests in Nashville over the next few days.

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Grant told News 2 many people don’t fully understand their rights when they are charged with a crime and end up incriminating themselves before speaking to an attorney. “If someone is being arrested and they are concerned, they certainly need to consult an attorney, and they have a right to do so.”

The attorney plans to stand by throughout the weekend to help those who need it. To contact Grant, send an email to