NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The longest ballot in Davidson County’s history will officially be upon voters Friday, July 15th.

It’s something that’s kept Jeff Roberts and his staff pretty busy this summer. “We start three or four months ahead of time trying to get things tied down,” Roberts said.

Roberts serves as Davidson County’s Administrator of Elections—he says this year’s ballot is the longest in Metro history.

“It includes both the state primary election, federal primary election, the metro general election,” he said. “We have retention questions for judges, and four charter amendment referendums that will be voted on so a very long ballot.”

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A long ballot means the possibility for long lines.

“If you read front to back including the full text of the charter amendments you could be 15 minutes,” said Roberts.

Which is why he is encouraging the public to come prepared since early voting opens up this Friday.

“[If] you know who you want to vote for, you know your position on the charter amendments that will help you breeze through the voting on election day or early voting,” said Roberts.

Roberts is anticipating nearly 130,000 people to early vote so he’s encouraging everyone to read up and make sure to bring an ID issued by the state or government so you’ll have no problems at the polls.

“If you’re prepared, you’re going to breeze through the line and have a good voting experience,” he said.

Early voting will begin on Friday, July 15th, and last until Saturday, July 30th.

Davidson County residents can vote inside the Sonny West Conference Room at the Howard Office Building on 700 2nd Avenue South from July 15th to July 30th.

Neighborhood locations will open up on Wednesday, July 20th.

All early voting locations open at 8 am daily. Mondays and Fridays, they are open until 5:30 pm.

Tuesday/Thursday hours extend to 7 pm. with Wednesday/Saturday hours until 4:30 p.m.

Sites are closed on Sunday.

Neighborhood locations include the following below:

  • Belle Meade City Hall – 4705 Harding Pike
  • Bellevue Library – 720 Baugh Road
  • Bordeaux Library – 4000 Clarksville Pike
  • Casa Azafrán Community Center – 2195 Nolensville Pike
  • Edmondson Pike Library – 5501 Edmondson Pike
  • Goodlettsville Community Center – 200 Memorial Drive
  • Green Hills Library – 3701 Benham Avenue
  • Hermitage Library – 3700 James Kay Lane
  • Howard Office Building – 700 2nd Avenue South
  • Madison Library – 610 Gallatin Pike South
  • Southeast Library – 5260 Hickory Hollow Parkway

You can find more information about Nashville and Davidson County’s elections here.