NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Whataburger is now in Tennessee.

The Texas staple has developed many loyal fans in it’s decades long existence. This morning, dozens of people and a long line of cars waited outside the restaurant for it’s opening.

Jhason and Brittany Smith were the first two people in line. It’s their ninth anniversary and they camped out, spending the night in the parking lot. They met across the street at Starbucks and already had a love for Whataburger.

“We met 12 years ago right across the street at Starbucks, and nine years later the Whataburger is here,” Brittany Smith, a native Texan, said. “I am originally from Houston.”

The Smith’s received a special Whataburger gift basket and considered the 17-hour wait worth it. Many of the people ordering food who spoke to News 2 said there were concerns of more traffic coming to the area.

Chick-fil-A is right around the corner from Whataburger, and people worry that the already congested Old Hickory Boulevard will get worse.

“Yeah, there will be more traffic which I’m not a fan of, but you can’t stop progress,” Mike Fernago said.

Whataburger has developed a traffic plan and the restaurant is only accessible from Old Hickory Boulevard. Police and security are helping control traffic.

Other people say the burger chain will bring more growth and development to the area. They highlighted that Hermitage is already a popular spot for families.