NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — At least three people were taken into custody Wednesday night after police witnessed a drug deal in downtown Nashville, but officials said one of the suspects is faced with an additional charge after drugs were found hidden on her after being taken into custody.

According to several warrants, detectives were conducting surveillance in the 7th Avenue South and Drexel Street area when they witnessed multiple hand-to-hand narcotics transactions between Mark Wilson, 50, Jamaine Miller, 22, and Jasmine Toler, 20.

When authorities approached the group, they said Wilson threw a cloth material to the ground. Officers said inside the white cloth they recovered 1.4 grams of a white powdery substance consistent with a cocaine-based narcotic. All three were taken into custody.

However, a warrant said when Toler, who is pregnant, was in the custody of the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office, deputies recovered 9.6 grams of crack cocaine from Toler’s buttocks. Authorities said Toler was searched several times on the scene and was warned it would be a felony offense to take narcotics into the correctional facility.

In total, 11 grams of crack cocaine were allegedly recovered. All three suspects were charged with felony drug possession. Toler is faced with an additional felony drug charge.