NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — One week after tragedy at The Covenant School in Green Hills, students across Middle Tennessee plan to take part in a walk out as a call to action.

“I want my colleagues to know, these kids are going to keep coming back over and over and over again,” said Rep. Bo Mitchell (D). “I hope they realize these kids have the right to be there. This is their government. It’s supposedly their state capitol. And they’re going to be there.”

As some will march directly to the state capitol in Nashville, lawmakers inside the building are discussing next steps to help prevent another tragedy.

“If my colleagues are scared and they don’t like it, they’re just getting a little bit of a taste of what these children go through daily in the classroom, wondering if an active shooter is going to walk in their school,” said Mitchell.

Mitchell said lawmakers in Tennessee need to understand how gun safety is life or death for youth in America. He said children shouldn’t be afraid to go to school and have a right to fight for their safety.

According to Mitchell, it is time to stop talking about making change and do something tangible. He said that could be banning weapons capable of mass killing and looking at school building security.

Michell said there’s a small opening to talk about legislation, as they’re in session for three more weeks.

Speaker of the House Cameron Sexton (R) said all options are on the table and their job as representatives is to protect students and parents. He said it’s everyone’s right to speak their opinions, but it’s not okay for legislative session to be disrupted by any acts of protest.

“On Sunday afternoon, I was working on the school safety bill that we already had moving through committees, and on Monday evening, after this travesty, I was working on that bill as well and will redouble our efforts to include private schools, just as we were already working on ensuring the safety of public schools,” said House Majority Leader William Lamberth (R). “That’s real change that serving the people of this state, not shouting and screaming and acting just completely inappropriately in this chamber.”

Governor Bill Lee said the state is working on enhancing mental health support in schools and the mental health network across Tennessee. He said they’re also proposing armed security in every public school.

Lee said both items of that could be worked into new budget proposals.

“It’s sad for the entire state and the aftermath of that is continues to be assessed,” said Lee. “We grieve and pray for those families who are who are having funerals throughout this week as a result of that tragedy. We’re working with legislative leaders, both speakers on the way forward to make sure that we take care of our kids.”