NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — One week after the mass shooting at The Covenant School in Nashville, newly obtained search warrants revealed what investigators seized from the home of the shooter, Audrey Hale.

The search of Brightwood Avenue home, where 28-year-old Hale lived with their parents, took place just hours after the shooting on March 27.

Inside the home, officers found two shotguns, one in a bedroom closet and another next to a desk in a bedroom.

During a press conference on March 28, Metro Nashville Police Chief John Drake said Hale had legally bought seven firearms from five different gun stores in the area. Three of those guns were used in the shooting – two assault-style rifles and one handgun.

Investigators also took 30 journals, some with references to school shootings and firearms courses.

A suicide note was found on a desk in one of the bedrooms.

There were also five Covenant School yearbooks taken from the home. Police reported last week that Hale attended The Covenant School at one time.

Investigators also seized what they described as a psych medical folder.

Hale was also reportedly under doctor’s care for an “emotional disorder” and their parents assumed they only owned one gun and Hale had sold it.

Metro Nashville police also released an update on the investigation into the shooting on Monday.

According to police, Hale fired a total of 152 rounds (126 rifle rounds and 26 nine-millimeter rounds) from the time they shot their way into the school to the time they were shot and killed by police.

The collective writings written by Hale found in their vehicle left in the school parking lot, and others found in the home search, showed they documented their planning over a period of months to commit mass murder at The Covenant School. Hale also considered “the actions of other mass murderers.”

The writings remain under careful review by the MNPD and the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit in Quantico, VA, according to police.

The search warrants also revealed that Hale had turned 28 three days prior to the shooting.