NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — How are you feeling?

“It’s kind of sad that outside this beauty there’s a bunch going on that many of us can’t control that we wish that we could,” said Christian Angel.

It’s a question that brought up different emotions Tuesday.

“It’s hard to have a smile on your face when you know that people are suffering,” said Megan Shultz.

On Monday morning, six people, three of them children, had their lives taken by a shooter at The Covenant School in Green Hills.

“I think I’m concerned,” said Betsy Hursd. “I think it’s a feeling of concern [and] safety [in] beautiful Tennessee.”

But feelings of sadness still affect many the next day.

“I don’t know what to do,” said Hunter Hollis. “Like at this point I’m just kind of lost, and so today I’m going to go back like the last five times this has happened and see if there’s something new I can do to talk to somebody and write letters or protest or something, but to understate it, this sucks. Like I don’t know what to do.”

And the feeling of fear is on the horizon for some, too.

“I just moved here four days ago,” said Avry Truex. “I live in my car and at night, it’s scary. At night, living in a car and hearing stuff all over town, especially after last night I definitely was a little bit more on edge.”

For some, those feelings soon get replaced with anger.

“We keep having to tell our legislatures that this matters,” said Hollis. “We aren’t going to stand by while more kids are shot and killed. It can be attributed to evil or mental health or what have you, but we don’t need to give evil a gun. We don’t need to make it easier for people to kill innocent children.”

But for some, buried deep under all those emotions is one of love. It’s a feeling some still know is possible to have during this dark time.

“I know enough about people to say that if you just help somebody when they need help, it can change everything for them,” said Truex. “I think that we need more of that in the world today.