HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Those driving down Main Street in Hendersonville Monday afternoon were greeted with signs and a little bit of noise.

“We are getting younger people involved, and we’re really waking up,” said Julia Garnett. “This is kind of a call to action. It’s a message.”

It’s a message Garnett isn’t a stranger to spreading.

A week ago, News 2 introduced you to the Hendersonville High School student who worked with her classmate to help organize a walk out at her school.

Her message was to honor the lives lost in The Covenant School shooting and push for gun reform.

It’s the same message, just a different day, as students from high school to elementary school and parents gathered with Garnett to march to Memorial Park for change Monday.

“The adults aren’t leading this,” said parent Hilary Lounder. “The youth are, and that makes me so hopeful.”

It’s why Lounder knew she had to come out and say something.

“I think that in the suburbs like this, you tend to kind of be in your little bubble, and I think now is the time for us to be vocal citizens,” she said.

Vocal citizens are who graced the streets of Hendersonville on Monday, and while a lot has taken place in Tennessee over these last two weeks, Garnett just wants those making decisions to know her voice and the voices of others matter, too.

“They continue to pass these laws to make it easier for younger people to access guns at a younger age,” she said. “So no, I don’t feel listened to, and I hope that marches like this (and) students continuing to be involved will bring awareness so that we are listened to.