NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Since the Covenant School tragedy, many people throughout Tennessee have worked to raise money for various fundraisers. Now, two girls from Nashville are stepping up to do their part.

Evelyn Thallemer and Matilda Crosswy are best friends and when they heard about what happened at the Covenant School, they wanted to do something to help. So, they decided to make bracelets to sell with a big goal in mind: to purchase a therapy dog for the Covenant School.

Matilda’s mom, Megan, posted a video on Instagram announcing their business, Nashville Busy Beads, and sales took off.

“Well, we just really like to bead a lot. And when the incident that happened, we felt really bad. So we wanted to help Covenant School by making money to help them,” said Matilda.

“The money is all going towards Comfort Connections and Comfort Connections is using the money to get a therapy dog for Covenant,” explained Evelyn. “The kids, maybe if they’re not having a good day, or maybe if they just have a little big bit of anxiety, the dog can come just like lay on their lap for a while.”

The Covenant School is on board and is is working with Comfort Connections to provide the dog. Once the money is raised, the dog will be trained and then brought to the school. The process takes about a year.

The girls have met their goal of $17,000.

If you want to buy a bracelet, you can do so by emailing Adult bracelets are $12 and childrens are $10.